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Causing Storm. Pt 4

GRC Group Competition in Mytischi

Causing Storm. Pt 3

GRC Group Competition in Butovo

Causing Storm. Pt 2

Storm H2O Competition

Causing Storm. Pt 1

GRS Group Competition in Bitza

Waiting in the Wings

Prep for the show, the 'Yarilo' choreographic ensemble


The Epee

Moscow Championship

Moscow, Oct 2023

The Foil, Boys

Moscow Championship, Nov 2023

The Foil. Girls

Moscow Championship

Sentier de Gloire

A shooting for the students of YouModels School

Tennis Lovers Club

ALT Tennis Tournament on Spartak Academy Courts

Summer 2023

St Petersburg, Pskov, Pushkinskiye Gory

Royals, 2023

'Korolevskaya Akademia Tantsa' School Concert

Artem, Nov 2023

Krutosfera, Oct 2023

A shooting for a Moscow football school

Sprint Race

Moscow Championship

Kizhi, 2023

Petrozavodsk, Aug 2023

Faster, Higher, Stronger

Pictures of paratennis competition

Road Race, Oct 2023

Moscow Championship

Kids Tennis @ Pirogovsky. Pt. II

Orange and Red Ball Categories

Kids Tennis @ Pirogovsky TC. Pt.I

Green Ball Category (10 years old and younger)

Moscow Sabre 2023. Men

Moscow Sabre 2023. Women

Sofya Velikaya, Yana Egoryan and many others

A pool, 2023

Judo, CSKA Team, March 2023

Titish brand

A shooting for the Titish brand

Kids Tennis @ J-Pro

The Team Cup at the courts of the J-Pro tennis school

Snegurochka, 2023

A play by Al.Ostrovsky. Prod. by Svetlana Larina, Artist studio

Suzdal, 2023

Vladimir, 2023

Alena, Jan 2023


Karabikha, 2022

Yaroslavl, 2022

Abramtsevo, 2022

Sergiyev Posad, 2022

Saint Petersburg, 2022

A few shots from Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral and Saint Michael's Castle

Joy, 2022

Divo-Park in St Petersburg

Kronstadt (again), 2022

From Peterhof to Petersburg, 2022

Sortavala, 2022

Valaam, 2022

Trigorskoye, 2022

Petrovskoye, 2022

Mikhailovskoye, 2022

Pushkinskiye Gory, 2022

Izborsk, 2022

One of the most ancient places in Russian history

Pskov, 2022

Chagall's House, 2022

The famous artist's museum. One of the few buildings in Vitebsk that survived WWII

Vitebsk, 2022

Katyn, 2022

Smolensk, 2022

Fedia, Gordey & Olya

Kolomenskoye, 2022

Greenhouse, 2022

Tsaritsino Park

Tsaritsino, 2022

Serpukhov, 2022

Konstantinovo, 2022

A homeplace for the famous russian poet Sergey Yesenin

Ryazan, 2022

Zvenigorod, Feb 2022

Arkhangelskoe, Dec 2022

Cadets, Portraits

Some portraits of the fencers. A bonus to the main set 'Кадеты'

Кадеты, Dec 2022

Fencing Competition, Moscow Cup

Tanya, August 2022

Kolomensky Park, Moscow


Uglich, Oct 2021

Spas-na-Krovi, Sept 2021

Tsarskoye Selo, Sept 2021

Vyborg, Sept 2021

Kronstadt, Sept 2021

Gatchina, Sept 2021

Pskov, Sept 2021

Vitoslvalitsy, Aug 2021

Novgorod, Aug 2021

Tsarevitch Dmitry, 2021

Shooting for the promo of a comicbook

A la Russe, 2021

Two famous palaces in Moscow. One is original, the other one is reconstruction

the Morning Show, 2021

A photoshoot for the promo of the radioshow, 'Echo of Moscow'.

Irina Vorobieva & Andrey Konyaev, 2021

A shooting for the radioshow 'Na Paltsah', Echo of Moscow

Sviyazhsk, 2021

Stanislav Kryuchkov, 2021

Olga Zhuravleva, 2021

Girl Power, 2021. Part II

Girl Power, 2021. Part I

Elabuga, Jul 2021

Staraya Russa, Sept 2021


Soldato-Aleksandrovskoye, 2020

The opening ceremony of the Holocaust memorial

Pyatigorsk & Kislovodsk, 2020

Two famous resort towns in Russia

Beslan, 2020

Ekaterina Shulman, 2020

I was kindly permitted to shoot a preparation for the Ekaterina Shulman's radioshow 'Status'

Uppsala, 2020

Stockholm, 2020

Egor Zhukov, 2020

A set for 'Echo of Moscow' radiostation

Sviyaga river, 2020

the Republic of Tatarstan

Gorky Park, Aug 2020

Elabuga, 2020

Tsesarevich, Sept 2020

A set from the shooting of 'Spasti #1' promo video. More info in '3d&Video'.


Oxford, 2019

London in October, 2019

Portraits, 2019

Guests of 'Echo of Moscow' radiostation and some of my ex-collegues

Tarkovsky Exhibition, 2019

Tretyakov Gallery

Museum fur Naturkunde, 2019

The museum of nature history in Berlin

Moscow Evening, 2019

Repin, 2019

The preparation for the Ilya Repin's exhibition in Tretyakov Gallery

Anna Golubkina Exhibition, 2019

Saint Petersburg, 2019

Rodin, 2019

Paris Museum of one of my favorite artists

Nice, 2019

Switzerland, 2019

Geneva, Bern and mountains in Wengen

Amsterdam, August 2019

3 miniseries from Netherlands

Hamburg, 2019

Berlin, 2019

Darmstadt, 2019

Frankfurt, 2019

Karlsruhe, 2019

Three minisets

Baden Baden, 2019

Dusseldorf, 2019

Cologne, 2019

British Museum, 2019

London, June 2019

Austrian Embassy, 2019

BTS of the show 'Osobnyak' (Echo of Moscow)

London Green Park, 2019

a part of my London set

Bristol, 2019

Temi Blaev, Oct 2019

British actor, 'Star Wars: Last Jedi', 'Killing Eve'

Yura Demidovich, Sept 2019

A young russian conductor in Kolomensky Park

Peter Tesch, 2019

Australian ex-ambassador in Russia. And his residency in Moscow at the moment

Nikita Vasilenko, 2019

Nikita was a producer and radiohost at 'Echo of Moscow' radiostation

My Mom, July 2019

Misha, Oct 2019

Yuli Gusman, 2019

tv-presenter, the head of Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science

Dasha Antonenko, August 2019

A day in Moscow

Sergei Buntman, 2019

A promo set for the radioshow

Notre Dame de Paris, 2019

Paris, 2019

Vienna, Aug 2019

From sunny and bourgeois to grey and calm

Two Churches, Aug 2019

Stephansdom & Peterskirche


Rome, Aug 2018

Venice, Aug 2018

Como, Aug 2018

Vatican, Aug 2018

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