aleksei solomin
photo & art'

Hello, my name is Aleksei Solomin. Actually I used to be journalist but now I'm doing some visual stuff. This site is created to show you my portfolio I've been making for the last 5 years. You can buy almost any print, just contact me for more information.

I was born in a small russian town on the bank of the river Volga. I liked to draw when I was young but did never get a specialized education. It was only a child passion which, I was ensured, I'll never use in a professional way. I wanted to be a journalist so I paid a lot of attention to writing skills. But in the same time when I was 14 I did some web-design, programming stuff (html, css, php) and I even made some commercial works. That helped me to collect money for moving to Moscow where I started to study in Moscow State University as a journalist. The next 14 years I worked as a reporter and the host of some radio talkshows in 'Echo of Moscow', the famous russian independent radiostation which was shut down by government in March 2022. Last years I worked there more as a manager, as a head of Social Media & YouTube department. Also I've had an experience in managing a historical media - 'Diletant'. It's a famous russian historical magazine and I was the head of the website of that media. I consider these years as a huge experience. I started to study history of art, visited a lot of galleries, we had a lot of projects with the biggest russian museums such as Hermitage and Tretyakov Gallery. Meanwhile I started to think about some changes and decided to bring back my child hobbies - drawing and making photographs. Since 2017 I've been travelling a lot and been practicing. I studied a lot of courses on working with images as well. When the radiostation was closed I decided to change my occupation and started to study 3D. It took 5-6 months and it's still going on. For now I can do modelling, creating a character, rigging, texturing, simulating, etc.

For now I can work using such soft as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, AfterEffects, Maxon Cinema4D with classical and Redshift Renderer, Insydium XParticles, Marvelous Designer, Adobe Substance Painter. Also I'm doing some sound stuff in Ableton Live